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This is another pair of Swag & Valor underwear that were sent to me to share my opinion with my awesome followers. Much like the first pair, these camo-print boxer briefs are the best friend to those who have thick thighs and have chaffing issues. I know that whenever I go to Disneyland or any other theme park and I wear briefs, it’s the ultimate death of me, but with these, I honestly forget I’m wearing them! I’ve learned that lesson the hard way and won’t be making that mistake again! LOL Another thing that I am so glad these underwear DON’T do is that the elastic band doesn’t fold over easily. Bottom line: They’re comfortable as fuck. Instant fave.

Swag & Valor Tumblr Official

You can grab a pair for yourself at Use the promocode: BEARSWAG (it’ll save you 10%).

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OMG, this really gets me…

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Here is our featured model’s photo shoot for the second interpretation of Black & White.


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Raw Bears




I would take either end if that. Holy fuck woof.


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come over and give me all those belly rubs // Tummy Tuesday submission by: keviintran

*nibble* Nice angle. ;) *rubs*

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Anybody want to give me a hand with the ironing?  ;-)

(All my selfies are under the #gpoy tag here if you want to see more!)

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Geiler 🐻! Macht 👅Lust👅 auf mehr 💦💦💦!

👅😜 Geiler 🐻!! 😏😋😜👅💦💦

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So I have a friend who recently started working at Swag & Valor and sent me a few pairs of some of their underwear for me to try out and share my opinion. I know there are a zillion different brands, styles, colors, and shapes of underwear out there, and through my years of hunting (and thousands of dollars later), I’ve found that very few of them are specifically made for larger guys, much less are comfortable to wear.

The above pair I’m wearing are perhaps my favorite pair that was sent to me. The first thing I noticed about putting on a pair of Swag & Valor was that they are snug and supportive without being constricting (unlike pretty much all other brands). Perhaps my favorite thing about wearing a pair of them is that there is literally no chaffing.

Stay tuned for more to come. I’m going to be posting more photos as they’re taken. In the meantime, check out their Tumblr for more sexy photos and get yourself a pair (or three) at

Use the discount code: BEARSWAG at checkout to get 10% off your entire purchase.